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Welcome to the Arcanet. Here you will find a near-exhaustive collection of information pertaining to City of Nodd.

City of Nodd is a fictional setting created by the artist Oddbird (formerly known as Slug). Readers should be aware that adult themes are prevalent throughout this wiki and may not be censored. That which is censored will have a content warning provided as a courtesy.

Those who continue beyond this page agree that they are over the age of consent in their country of residence, and are willing to view content that may include themes such as sex, drugs, violence, abuse, depravity, and more. If you are not of legal age and/or do not consent to view such content, you should not progress beyond this page, and should instead click this friendly link.

How to use the Arcanet

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Please keep in mind this is an ongoing project, and many pages are still missing art and information. This is not a public wiki, and editing pages is restricted to the creators.

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